Film screenings & Special Visit information

As an academic filmmaker my work isn’t really done until the films are viewed and discussed.  I’d like the opportunity to extend the discussion and interrogate some of the issues highlighted in the film.  I am currently available for screenings and special visits.  Please find below proposed rates and logistics.  If you are interested in a visit, please contact us.  We are happy to provide  full online versions of the films for your review to ensure the work is right for your event/class.



Camille S. DeBose, MA, MFA







Chicagoland screening/talk:


  • Viewing & Discussion (Special Event)- $350
  • Viewing & Discussion (Classroom)- $250
  • Viewing & Discussion w/ 1 meeting- $350
  • Viewing & Discussion w/ 2 meetings all day- $1000.00


  1. REQUESTED ITEMS (when appropriate to event)
  • Podium or small table in front of the room.
  • AV equipment for slides or clips.


  • Travel by car from downtown Chicago to school’s campus
  1.        PAYMENT
  • Check made payable to Camille S. DeBose
  • Check must be ready and issued the same day as the presentation (Universities may request time for processing).

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